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What we do 


Bridging the gap between politics, policy and practice


Our approach

The New Britain Project provides a unique framework for understanding and addressing the most pressing issues.


As Britain confronts urgent and multifaceted challenges, there's a real danger we slide into managed decline unless we champion pragmatic and workable solutions that fully acknowledge both the scale and inherent constraints of the task ahead.


We are assembling a group of fellows with direct experience of government as well as new thinkers with frontline experience in industry and public services.

A pioneering think tank

The New Britain Project is committed to addressing the UK's most pressing challenges through a diverse, delivery-focused approach:

As a female-led organisation, we confront the lack of women in policymaking, bringing new perspectives to the table.

We are bringing together fresh thinkers from the frontline, offering insights to drive pragmatic solutions.

Guided by those with first-hand government experience, we effectively navigate the complexities of policy implementation.

We recognise that Britain's crisis is not solely one of ideas; history has shown that even well-intentioned solutions often fail when confronted with the realities of execution.

Driving the conversation

In our first phase, we commissioned a groundbreaking national poll, revealing that 58% of people believed nothing worked anymore and half the country felt personally broken. The poll shaped the 'Broken Britain' narrative and has been widely adopted by media and politicians alike.


We also released our Broken Britain Index, highlighting the disproportionate impact of public services failure on 'red wall' communities. This research received nationwide coverage.


A Britain that's got your back

In our next phase, we will launch a comprehensive programme centred around three core themes: rewiring the economy, renewing the social contract, and investing in young people.


Through rigorous research, practical insights, and public outreach, the New Britain Project aims to become an invaluable resource for policymakers and local decision-makers.


Our mission is clear: to provide the tools and knowledge needed to build a Britain that's got your back – a Britain that works for every citizen, leaving no place behind.

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