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The 'Broken Britain Index: Scotland' provides a comprehensive analysis of essential services. The Index, analysing 13 critical indicators across health, education, policing, transport and local infrastructure and reveals stark regional disparities. Scotland's 'red wall' central belt emerges as the hardest hit with communities in North Lanarkshire the most impacted; Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire facing significant health service challenges; and Glasgow encountering huge pressures on local infrastructure.

While certain datasets are consistent between England and Scotland, many are not. This disparity in data practices significantly constrains the public's ability to conduct a like-for-like assessment and draw meaningful conclusions about Scotland in the context of the rest of the UK and vice versa.

You can find the full methodology here



1. The ‘Broken Britain Index: Scotland’ is a composite index of 13 indicators.

2. Health Emergency: NHS waiting times for A&E, RTT and cancer, ambulance response times, access to dental appointments

3. Forgotten Generation: National 5 achievement, persistent absenteeism, access to mental health services for young people

4. Crumbling Communities: shoplifting rates, crime clear up rates by the police, food insecurity rates, vacant properties/land, condition of roads

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