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Broken Britain

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Britain is broken and its people feel broken too

The New Britain Project’s poll is one of the most comprehensive studies undertaken into the depth of malaise among the British public. Not only does it shed light on the magnitude of the transformation required to overcome this dissatisfaction, but also reveals the varying degrees of willingness among people to support such change.

At the heart of the findings is an overwhelming concern that nothing works anymore, and that the social contract has broken down

“When 58% of people think nothing in our country works anymore, and just 21% have any faith in politicians' ability to sort things out, then we have a real problem. Britain clearly needs a serious rethink.”


think nothing in Britain works anymore.


think that things are worse now than in the past.


think that the social contract is broken.


think that Britain is preparing worse for the future than other countries.


of Briton's dont't think they are living up to their potential.


feel like they don't have much control over thier lives.


think politicians have their best interests at heart.


not confident in politicians ability to solve the country's biggest problems.

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You can download the full research findings here.

Data tables are available via More in Common here.

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