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Broken Britain Index


Broken Britain Index: England

The English index, which amalgamates 18 critical indicators across health, education, policing, transport, and local infrastructure, paints a stark picture of regional disparity. It's a comprehensive assessment, covering all 307 local authorities.

In England it finds traditional ‘red wall’, Midlands and Northern towns and cities have been hit hardest, with Nottingham emerging as the capital of Broken Britain. With every part of the country under huge pressure, the West Midlands is identified as the region bearing the brunt of failure in essential services.

Top 20 worst hit areas

the top 20 broken britain areas.png

English Regional Disparities

“On the fourth anniversary of the Conservative’s landslide victory, the Broken Britain Index reveals a shocking betrayal of the government’s promises to level up.

This isn't just data, it's a story of communities and regions grappling with the decline in essential services - a narrative that's become all too familiar across the country.

Our data will certainly compound the angst of Tory MPs. Combined with failings on immigration, this likely marks the death knell for Tory support in the red wall, Midlands and Northern seats they won from Labour in 2019.”


Broken Britain Index: Scotland

As Scotland braces for the upcoming election amidst a challenging fiscal backdrop, the 'Broken Britain Index: Scotland' offers crucial insights into disparities in public services. Facing a reported £1.5 billion budget shortfall, the Scottish Government is navigating one of the most difficult financial periods since devolution.

The Scottish Index, analysing 13 critical indicators across health, education, policing, transport and local infrastructure and reveals stark regional disparities. North Lanarkshire emerges as the most impacted, with Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire facing significant health service challenges and Glasgow encountering huge pressures on local infrastructure.

"As Scotland faces a crucial election, our 'Broken Britain Index' sheds light on the urgent need for transparent and comparable data. With public services varying greatly across Scotland and the UK, it's vital the Scottish Government provide clear and comprehensive information. This is crucial for addressing the challenges in essential services, which are now more critical than ever. Transparency shouldn’t be an option; it's a necessity for a Scotland striving for accountability and genuine progress."

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You can download the full research findings and methodology here.

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