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We believe Britain needs a reset

Welcome to The New Britain Project 

The New Britain Project is an independent progressive think tank focused on bridging the gap between politics, policy and practice.


As Britain confronts urgent and multifaceted challenges, there's a real danger we slide into managed decline unless we champion pragmatic and workable solutions that fully acknowledge both the scale and inherent constraints of the task ahead.


We hold that it’s not solely a crisis of ideas; history has shown us that even the most well intentioned policy solutions often fail when faced with the complexities of real world execution.

In response, our research will be centred on delivery. We are assembling a group of fellows with direct experience of government as well as new thinkers with frontline experience in industry and public services.


Together, we aim to understand the root causes of past policy failures and provide practical insights to drive successful change in the months and years ahead.

Broken Britain Index: England

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Broken Britain

The New Britain Project’s poll is one of the most comprehensive studies undertaken into the depth of malaise among the British public. Not only does it shed light on the magnitude of the transformation required to overcome this dissatisfaction, but also reveals the varying degrees of willingness among people to support such change. The findings were featured on ITV's Peston programme, New Statesman, The Mirror, The FT and BBC's Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg.

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Coverage of Broken Britain

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Starmer recognised the need for a total overhaul of the Labour Party to win back an opportunity to be listened to by the voters who turned away. It will take the same boldness to usher in the “decade of national renewal” he talks of. And the painstaking work in preparing for that change must begin now.

Anna McShane

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