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We believe Britain needs a reset

Welcome to The New Britain Project 

In response to the unsettling reality that Britain is broken and many of its people feel broken too, we are launching The New Britain Project this autumn.

Our nations and regions have so much potential, but: Britain urgently needs a reset. Austerity, chaotic governance, policy short-termism, and the isolating consequences of Brexit have fractured the very fabric of our society.


The New Britain Project is about generating thinking around medium to long term policies to help combat the surging cost of living, tackle Britain’s productivity gap, revitalise our struggling public services and rebuild trust.

We firmly believe that a diversity of thought is crucial in policy-making. 


We are assembling a group of fellows with direct experience of government as well as new thinkers who have frontline experience in industry and in our public services. Working together we will try to get to the bottom of why policy changes have failed in the past, with a practical perspective on delivering change today.

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Broken Britain

The New Britain Project’s poll is one of the most comprehensive studies undertaken into the depth of malaise among the British public. Not only does it shed light on the magnitude of the transformation required to overcome this dissatisfaction, but also reveals the varying degrees of willingness among people to support such change. The findings were featured on ITV's Peston programme, New Statesman, The Mirror, The FT and BBC's Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg.

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Coverage of Broken Britain

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The likely election of Keir Starmer as Prime Minister lacks the promise of the euphoria of 1997. It’s not a question of his character or his words; rather, the sobering reality that Britain is broken and almost half its people feel broken too.

Anna McShane

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